University Residences

University Residences

The Fairhaven Community


Front Desk

  • Located in Fairhaven Commons 123
  • Open Daily 1–9 p.m.
  • Desk Phone: 360-650-4888
  • RA on Duty Phone: 360-296-5599
  • Items available for checkout

Fairhaven is a large residential community on South Campus and can hold 650 residents. Front desk services include daily mail, lockout keys, equipment loan, room check-in and check-out. Items available include board games, DVDs, recreational equipment, cooking utensils, broom, dustpan, etc.

Resident Director

Simone Staley

Simone Staley

Welcome To Fairhaven! I am very excited to work with Fairhaven this year. I just moved back to Bellingham from Seattle where I worked at Seattle University and I earned my Master's Degree in Student Development Administration. I graduated with my undergraduate degree from WWU studying Recreation and Environmental Education with a minor in Queer Studies. I love to learn new things and talk about academics, attending events, and meeting new people. I am passionate about social justice and advocating for every student to succeed here at Western. Please come visit me in my office or email me with questions. I am eager for our community to grow.

Administrative Assistant

Kyle Wunderlin

Kyle Wunderlin photo

Hi all! I was a transfer student from University of Michigan in the winter last year, so I'm still fairly new to Western. I was studying architecture but I moved back home to study environmental studies (hopefully urban planning and sustainable development) starting in the fall. So far I've loved the feel of Western, particularly at the gym, and I'm really excited about the upcoming year. I like to play sports, be outside, read, watch movies, sing and meet people. I'm looking forward to getting to work with all of you!

Resident Advisers

Jordan Crahan

Jordan Crahan photo

Hi everyone! My name is Jordan and I will be a sophomore at Western this year. I spent my freshman year as a member of the Fairhaven community and am very excited to have the opportunity to come back! My major is still a work in progress, as I am a student of the Fairhaven College currently designing my concentration; however, I do know that it will be centered on behavioral economics and entrepreneurship. I am a member of the debate team here at Western, and enjoy attending sporting events, concerts, and playing golf in my free time. I am really looking forward to working with the other staff members and residents to make the Fairhaven community the best it can be for the next year.

Nicole Del Rosario

Nicole Del Rosario photo

Hey, I am a sophomore at Western Washington University! I am aspiring to create and major in a self-designed degree called international development and humanitarian Assistance (or "foreign aid" for short) through the Fairhaven College in hopes that I reach my dream of becoming a foreign aid worker. I also plan on minoring in Spanish and international studies. That being said, I love to travel. I love to expand my horizons. I try really hard to make the most out of my life every day and to learn new things, whether from books or experiences. I love spontaneous ideas, adventures and imagination. I could list all of my hobbies, but that would be too much to read. However, I absolutely love hiking. I also enjoy driving with the windows down, singing obnoxiously loud, painting, sports, meeting new people and exchanging life stories, and making mixed CDs! I would also enjoy doing these things with my residents, as well as learning what their hobbies and interests are and enjoying those with them. Personally, it's hard for me to pick what my favorite thing about Western is. There are so many things that make Western my home, but I'll let it be a surprise and let you experience Western for yourself. In addition, I am very excited to meet my residents and to not only build relationships with them, but to also help my residents build relationships with those around their community! Let me add, I've lived in Fairhaven as a student and worked at the Fairhaven front desk last year, so feel free to ask me anything about Fairhaven! Welcome to your home away from home!

Colton Dion

Colton Dion photo

Hello, my name is Colton. I am the RA for Stack 1 in Fairhaven. This is my second year here at Western, but I am a senior in class standing because I transferred after receiving my AA degree from Grays Harbor College. My major is psychology and as of now, I want to become a clinical psychologist who specializes with deaf clients. I have lots of hobbies including playing video games, reading, playing cards, and going on outdoor adventures. There are lots great things WWU, but if I had to choose I would have to say that the friendly teachers and beautiful campus are what I love the most. If you want to join an awesome club, you should ask me about the WWU Psychology Club because I am an officer. I cannot wait to meet all of you, so make sure to stop by and say hi!

Bryce Fields

Bryce Fields

Hello! My name is Bryce Fields and I am the Resident Adviser for Fairhaven Stack 4!! I am entering my junior year here at Western majoring in both Psychology and Humanities, Liberal Studies with a concentration in History of Culture. Since I was young I have always been fascinate by and wanted to meet all of the people around me. My majors, my job, and my cheery demeanor have lent me to befriending a myriad of diverse people in my life. A big part of my involvement on campus outside of Reslife resides in promoting leadership on campus via the WWU LEADS office where I frequently intern, help teach leadership classes, or aid in campus leadership events. Since my first visit my favorite thing about Western has always been how kind everyone is, it is truly refreshing. This year I'm looking forward to my major classes, getting some awesome new video games, and making/spending time with my community. I have not met you yet, but I want you to know you are awesome and that I will do everything in my ability to make sure our experience this year is awesome too!

Taylor Frese

Taylor Frese photo

I was born with the first name Taylor, but once my brother was born and started calling me "Ta" I figured a name change was in order. This is my fourth year at Western, though not my last. I am in the Woodring College of Education studying special education and elementary education. This is at least a three-year program and, since it took me three years to complete my GURs, I still have a few more years left at Western. It is a little complicated, but if you have any questions about any of the education programs at Western, I've got all the hook-ups. I am very involved in a campus ministry through The Church of Christ. I am also in contact with the Ethnic Student Center and regularly attend the heritage dinners they host throughout the year. I also really love to dance, which if you are lucky, you might see me doing from time to time. I love the natural setting of Western and especially the fact that it is a West Coast school. I am a west sider through and through. I am really looking forward to learning about what it means to experience life from all of the residents I will be working with this year in Fairhaven. Even though my life already has been rather radical, I still feel as though I have so much to learn. I love a good conversation about anything. I appreciate those who are wise enough to share in the times when they are feeling weak. Never forget that my job is to help you in any way that I can, and that if something is too much for me to handle, I have resources to provide for you.

Rileigh Greutert

Rileigh Greutert photo

Hi all! I am a sophomore planning on majoring in economics and marketing, and I plan to minor in Chinese language and culture. I like to swim, skateboard, and go running! I am really looking forward to being part of the Fairhaven community and enjoying the beautiful courtyard this year! My favorite thing about Western may be the great places to study and relax in (namely the top floor of the library and Academic West after class hours), as they are very quiet and relaxing. One piece of advice I received last year that was most beneficial to me was to stay off Netflix. Seriously, it's a time drain! Looking forward to meeting all of you! I'll see you in the fall!

Shane Hunt

Shane Hunt

Hello, my name is Shane and I am the Fairhaven Stack 2 RA this year. It is my 4th and (hopefully) final year at Western. I am a Spanish major and I enjoy playing intramurals here at WWU, particularly volleyball and Frisbee. Western is a great place to connect with others and create strong communities and I look forward to being able to help students do this so that they can really enjoy their time here at Western. I am excited for the coming school year and look forward to seeing you.

Zach Martin

Zachary Martin photo

Hello! This is my fifth year of college but only my third year here at Western. I transferred here after two years at Columbia Basin Community College where I received my AA degree. At Western I am studying mathematics and education with hopes to one day teach high school math. I have many hobbies including playing guitar, writing music, playing Frisbee, hiking, biking, watching the Seahawks, and just hanging out with friends! My favorite thing about Western is simply the people that go here. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and there truly is something here for everyone. It also doesn't hurt that the campus is surrounded by beautiful scenery. As an RA I am most excited about being able to meet all the new residents and being in a position to help them with whatever they need this upcoming year. I am a real friendly guy so don't think twice about saying hey if you see me around!

Xandra Peter

Xandra Peter photo

Hiya! My name is Xandra (Zon-druh) and I'm a third year here at WWU. Before coming to Western, I lived in Bellevue, and before that lived on an island called Saipan. I am planning on majoring in early childhood education and hope to become a first grade teacher. I consider myself a down to earth person so I enjoy pretty much anything amusing and entertaining. That's one of the reasons why I wanted to become an RA because I thought the job would provide a lot of opportunities to have fun with and get to know so many different people. So just hit me up if you want to hang out, talk or just chill.

Peri Roberts

Peri Roberts photo

Hello there! I am so excited for a great year in Fairhaven! This year I will be a junior, and I am studying linguistics and Spanish. This will be my second year as a resident adviser, and I am thrilled to be returning to Fairhaven where I spent my freshmen year! I like to spend my time doing activities like art projects, fort building or solving mysteries. I also really love playing piano, and I am learning guitar! I'm looking forward to spending time with all the awesome people of Fairhaven, going on hikes, baking cookies, and of course, having the most stack spirit! I can't wait to get to know all of you and enjoy an awesome year!

Ariel Moreau

Jillian Schwisow photo

Hey there! I am the new RA in Fairhaven stack 6. This is my second year at Western after transferring in from the running start program in Puyallup, WA. I am currently pursuing a major in psychology of child development with plans to go into Woodring's elementary education program. I wanted to become an RA to get more involved in the Western community and I thought that this would be the best way for me to connect with the wonderful people here! I enjoy outdoor adventures (rain or is Washington!) and just spending time with people. My favorite thing about Western is its beautiful location right along the water but also close to the mountain! I really look forward to creating some solid connections with the people in the community this year, and that starts with a quick "hello!" so don't be shy!

Melina Sergent

Melina Sergent photo

Hello, everyone! I am a sophomore at Western and excited to be a resident adviser. My current major is sociology and I plan to minor in international studies and Spanish. I have been dancing my whole life and last year I became very involved in WWU's Hip Hop Association where this year I am club treasurer. My faith is also very important to me; therefore, I take an active part in the Newman Catholic Campus Ministry events. My favorite thing about Western is the atmosphere it has. It is incredible how much the students and staff care about education. Bellingham is unique, the outdoors showcases the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and the opportunities available at Western are endless. This year, especially since I love people, I am eager to connect with my residents and see how they grow as individuals and see how I grow as a result. I am someone who truly believes in equality, equity, effort, and open-mindedness. College can be a wonderful experience and I hope I can be a catalyst to help create that for all of you! Thank you.

Desk Attendants

Kyle Nein

Kyle Nein photo

I am a senior here at Western studying for a major in kinesiology that specializes in sports psychology. I'm from Vancouver, Wash. For those of you who don't know where that is, it's right across the river from Portland, Ore. Some of my hobbies include writing poetry, watching movies, playing card/board/video games, and playing sports. I love sports! I really enjoy playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, football and golf. Along with staying active, I love hanging out with friends and family. One of my favorite things about Western is the city that it's in. Bellingham is an amazing city that attracts college students, it's beautiful, and there's so much to do! I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you this coming year. A big part of my job is being there to simply talk with you all, so please come to the desk to say hi! Another big thing about me is that I love to laugh!!

Samantha Jung

Samantha Jung photo

Hi! I am a senior here at WWU with a major in communication sciences and disorders and a minor in sociology. In the future, I hope to work as a speech language pathologist in an elementary school! I am from Bonney Lake, Wash., so Bellingham is not too far from home for me. I could never leave the beautiful Pacific Northwest! I love volunteering in school districts and spend the summers as a camp counselor for Parks and Recreation. I am a part of the Operation Smile club at Western, and love being involved in whatever activity may come my way. I enjoy reading, spending time with my family and friends, and traveling! I love meeting new people so if you see me at the desk, feel free to stop by and say hi! I can't wait to meet you all and to see what this school year brings!

Loretta Aho

Loretta Aho photo

Hello! I'm a junior at WWU studying graphic design with a minor in English. I'm originally from Seattle (206!) and transferred to Western from California State University, Chico last Spring. Everyone here is so friendly, I already feel at home. I love anything relating to Beyonce- especially dance parties! I enjoy cooking and spending time outdoors soaking up the sun, except when it's raining. Hit me up if you want to share Sourpatch Kids and Netflix on a rainy day. As a desk attendant at Fairhaven, I'm so excited to get to know you and to be a part of the community. I look forward to a great year!

Lindsay Abila

Lindsay Abila

Hi there! As a junior, I transferred to Western from Kennydale, Wash. I most definitely look forward to meeting new people and getting involved in the school. I transferred to Western because of its beautiful campus and great opportunities. I am currently studying communications and journalism in hopes of becoming a sportscaster one day (Go 49ers!). I enjoy spending time with friends and family, going on new adventures, working out, doing crafts and watching/playing sports.anything fun! I also have a great passion for animals. One of my favorite things about Western is the size and diversity of it! It's not too big and it is not too small. I love meeting new people and making new friends, so never hesitate to say hello! :) Disclaimer: I am Filipina so I speak pretty loudly (from what people tell me), but don't let that intimidate you, I promise I am not yelling at you! :)

Hall Council Board

Meets weekly on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. in the Stack 8 Main Lounge.

Vice Presidents of Activities
Vice President of Publicity
RHA Representatives
Recognition Representatives
South Side Pride Representatives
Endfair Coordinators
Computer Labs
  • Fairhaven Commons 107: See ResTek for more information.
  • Fairhaven 113A, 211A, 413A, 613A, 813A, 913A, 1013A: contain a two-burner electric stove, mini-fridge, microwave, and sink.
  • Fairhaven 313: Contains a four-burner electric stove, full-size oven, microwave, three sinks, and plenty of counter space.
  • Fairhaven 513: Contains a four-burner electric stove, full-size oven, full-size refrigerator, microwave, three sinks, and plenty of counter space.
  • Fairhaven 1148: Contains a four-burner electric stove, half-size oven, microwave, sink, and counter space.
Laundry Rooms
  • Located on the third floor of every stack in Fairhaven, each laundry room contains two washers, two dryers and a sink.
  • Fairhaven Commons 123: Games Lounge (w/foosball, pool and ping pong tables)
  • Fairhaven 112, 212, 412, 612, 711, 812, 912: Quiet Lounges
  • Fairhaven 113, 213, 313, 413, 513, 613, 712, 813, 913, 1013: Stack Lounges
  • Fairhaven 312, 512, 813, 1012, 1148: TV Lounges
PoD Market
  • Fairhaven Commons
Resident Mailboxes
  • Fairhaven Commons 123
Vending Machines
  • Near Fairhaven Commons 120

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