University Residences

University Residences

The Buchanan Towers Community

Buchanan Towers

Front Desk

  • Located in Buchanan Towers Classic 116
  • Open Daily 1–9 p.m.
  • Desk Phone: 360-650-6218
  • RA on Duty Phone: 360-927-4636
  • Items available for checkout

Buchanan Towers is nestled on the far end of south campus and houses 424 residents. Front desk services include daily mail, lockout keys, equipment loan, room check-in and check-out. Items available include board games, DVDs, recreational equipment, cooking utensils, broom, dustpan, etc.

Resident Director

Suzanne Baker

Suzanne Baker photo

Hello! As I start my first year at Western Washington University, I am looking forward to working with each and every student in our community. I grew up on the southeastern shore of Connecticut before moving to California for college. As a student at California State University, Chico, I completed my bachelor's degree in German and geography. While at Chico, I was a Resident adviser for two years, worked as a summer orientation peer adviser, and studied abroad for a full year in Heidelberg, Germany. While working on my master's degree in postsecondary educational leadership, I pursued my passion working with students at San Diego State University in residence life and international education. After working with international programs for the past few years, I am thrilled to return to my residence life roots. A little more about me: I love to travel, both internationally and exploring the local area. I enjoy finding new hiking trails and running races (anyone up for a marathon?). I am always up for an iced coffee! I'm excited to learn more about Bellingham and the Western Washington community!

Assistant Resident Adviser

Fareeha Nasir

Hello! This is my fourth year at Western Washington University and I am so very excited to meet everyone and look forward to making a difference in our community. My major is early childhood education with an elementary education endorsement and a minor social justice in education. I am a part of Muslim Student Association club on campus. I also enjoy working out and doing Zumba at the Rec Center. Western has offered me great opportunities for leadership and personal growth such as being an RA for Mathes and Fairhaven in the last couple years. I love Western because of all the people I have had the privilege of meeting and befriending. I look forward to the upcoming year and I want to help create a warm, friendly place that we can all call home.

Administrative Assistant

Becca Hsieh

Rebecca Hsieh photo

Hello there! I am beyond excited to be your administrative assistant for Buchanan Towers this year! I'm a sophomore residing in Nash Hall, and currently hoping to major in manufacturing engineering. (Go STEM majors!) I am a lover of bunnies, a sucker for all things science-related, and a huge fan of the Seattle Sounders. I am also an avid member of CCF, an AUAP Campus Friend, and I have a deep love for the Ethnic Student Center as well. I love the gorgeous WWU campus, and the amazingly kind people in Bellingham that have so much to offer. I definitely look forward to getting to know you all and I am excited to see all the fun we can build with the BT community this year! I also live in running shorts year round, so if you ever do spot me around campus or in the residence halls, don't hesitate to say hello or give me a wave!

Resident Advisers

Taylor Crowell

Taylor Crowell photo

Hey everyone! I'm from the Tacoma area of Washington and a sophomore here at Western. While I'm currently undeclared, I plan on pursuing a degree in communications and minoring in social entrepreneurship. I'm super into sustainability and social justice cause life is too short not to help people out! I love old music, and I'm always playing and collecting records. I love being outdoors hiking, kayaking and picnics. We are so lucky to live in the most beautiful part of the country, and I love enjoying it whenever I get the chance. I'm an avid supporter of the arts and all things artistic (film, music, cooking). My favorite thing about Western is its commitment to environmental sustainability. WWU is a pioneer in green energy and self-sufficiency and I was drawn here because of that reason. I can't wait to meet all of you and have a great year together!

Alicia Duncombe

Alicia Duncombe photo

Greetings Vikings! I am a sophomore returning for my second year at Western and working towards a sociology major with a double minor in Spanish and computer systems. I took a gap year between high school and college to do a year-long community service project in Paraguay, so I am stoked to be working in the international community this year. Along with spending time in the classroom with AUAP (Japanese exchange students), I also thoroughly enjoy blues dancing on campus. I loved the sense of community in my dorm last year, and I can't wait to see the kind of community that will develop this year in Buchanan Towers. Go 6th floor!

Gracie Friesen

Gracie Friesen photo

I am so very excited to be a part of the Buchanan Towers Staff, and I look forward to meeting and forming relationships with each resident. I am a sophomore majoring in pre-med with an undecided focus, and tend to stay disciplined and goal driven. I have so many hopes and plans for this school year as an RA! I am most looking forward to all of the events that I am going to be able to plan and be a part of. Drop by my room anytime and say hi! I am very friendly and love to chat!

Tyler Gardner Darnell

Tyler Gardner Darnell photo

Hi everyone! This third year as an RA and I am more excited than ever for the new experiences that I will be able to share with you all this year. This is my fourth year here at Western. I am a kinesiology major looking to focus on pre-physical therapy so I can go to grad school after I finish up at Western. Some of my favorite things to do include playing video games and board games, playing and watching sports, and hiking. One of my favorite things about Western is how there is a home for everyone, no matter what your interests are there is always a place on campus where you can find a group that shares those interests with you. I hope you all are as excited as I am for the coming year! I am ready to meet everyone and learn a ton about you, so make sure to come up and say hi if you see me around!

Joel Jordan

Joel Jordan photo

Hello! I'm from a town of 16,000 about an hour south of Bellingham called Anacortes. I have a twelve-year-old sister who will be starting middle school this year back home. I will be a sophomore this year as a double major in political science and sociology. I hope to work in the Justice Department after I graduate. I'm really into sports, intramurals, and any outdoor activities including but not limited to dodge ball, volleyball, basketball, football, hiking and camping. One of my favorite parts about Western is that it's small enough to be an extremely inclusive and welcoming community but big enough to give you a unique and memorable experience every day. I'm very excited to meet all of you and work with you to create a BT that feels like home!

Saranda Lund

Saranda Lund photo

Hi y'all! I'm from a teensy little town called Tenino, Wash., which is near Olympia. I'm a junior at Western majoring in sociology and minoring in psychology. On my down time when I'm not studying or working, you can find me hanging out with friends, watching sports and Netflix, drinking coffee, having adventures in Bellingham and the surrounding areas, or doing activities with the campus club National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)! I love Western and my favorite things about WWU are the people and community. This year, I'm really looking forward to taking more classes in my major, meeting new people and having a brilliant time in BT as an RA! I'm super excited to meet everyone, so please say hi if you see me!

Kevin Recto

Kevin Recto photo

Hello everyone! My name is Kevin Recto, and I am a senior studying business administration. I currently reside in Seattle, Wash., but I grew up in the Philippines. I was a transfer student a couple of years ago, and chose Western because I love nature and fell in love with the Western community. I also enjoy that Washington actually has seasons (in the Philippines, it is either sunny or raining). In my free time I enjoy reading, watching sports, riding my bike, singing, playing cribbage, spending time with friends and family, playing video games, and working out. I am a very outgoing person, so do not hesitate to say hello, even if it is just in passing! This year I am looking forward to meeting and making a connection with all of you, as well as seeing where this adventure will take us!

Matt Schultz

Matthew Schultz photo

Hi! This is my junior year at WWU. I transferred here from a community college in Seattle in January 2014. I am currently a psych major at Fairhaven and thinking about minoring in queer studies. I love being outdoors and especially like camping and making my own camping equipment. I like cooking (especially baking) as well as reading and playing instruments. I also really love building things or fixing things and hanging out with my mom's dog, Sir Douglas Pickles. My favorite thing about Western is all of the trails I can walk on between classes. During the school day, this allows me to go outside and feel productive. This year I am most excited to take more classes in my major and meet my residents!

Annie Brunson

Annie Brunson photo

Hey guys! My name is Annie Brunson and I hail from a little farming town called Burlington, Washington. I am a sophomore here at WWU and have declared my major as Kinesiology with a Pre-Physical Therapy focus. Some of my favorite hobbies include watching sports, hiking, skiing, adventuring, working out, watching "The Office", and participating in Young Life College here at WWU. I am so excited to work in Buchanan Towers this year and meet all the new residents. I love talking about life with people, so anytime you just want to chat about life, sports, "The Office", or whatever else, feel free to drop by and we can have a chat! Go Vikings!

Desk Attendants

Deidra Dabelstein

Deidra Dabelstein photo

Hello! My name is Dee Dee and this my third year at Western. I am currently a double major in history/social studies and French, and I’m planning on becoming a middle school teacher. This summer I studied French in the beautiful city of Grenoble and had a blast! Many of my hobbies include traveling, watching movies, reading books, and much more! I participate in Compass to Campus as often as I can because I love the kids I get to work with. My favorite thing about Western is the campus and the people. I believe Bellingham is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I also believe that everyone at Western is extremely kind, friendly and always happy! The thing I am most looking forward to this year is getting to know all of the residents. I was a desk attendant last year and getting to know everyone was my favorite part of the job. I want everyone to know if they have any questions, comments, concerns, or just need someone to talk to, I am always willing and ready to talk with you! I cannot wait to meet you all!

Cindy Garcia

Cindy Garcia photo

Hello all! I am a junior from Gig Harbor and this is my second year at Western. I'm currently studying in Woodring's elementary education program with a major in language, literacy and cultural Studies. I'm also minoring in Japanese. In my free time I enjoy reading, listening to all kinds of music, crafting, and volunteering with Western's AUAP students. My favorite thing about Western is definitely the beautiful location. I love all the places to go outside and study, walk or hang out. I'm so looking forward to all the new opportunities I have in starting my degree program, my first job, and continuing my volunteer work. I hope I get to know all of you and make BT a great community at the desk this year.

Linnaea Groh

Linnaea Groh photo

Hi! I am a sophomore and my major is English. In the next year, I will be involved with student theater productions and women’s choir. When I’m not in class or rehearsal, I’m probably hiking Chuckanut, at our awesome rec center, or writing plays. My favorite thing about Western is the endless ways students can get involved on campus! This year I am excited to get even more involved at Western. Fun fact: I have studied Spanish for four years and would love to learn Italian and travel to Italy.

Ember Hansen

Ember Hansen photo

Hello! I’m a junior majoring in computer science, and this will be my second year at Western. I’m really excited to be one of the desk attendants at Buchanan Towers this year, because that was the dorm I lived in last year. I’m a pretty chill person who enjoys playing French horn, listening to metal and classical music, watching anime, hiking, discussing religion and philosophy, writing computer code, and going to events in Bellingham’s alternative subcultures. I absolutely love Western for countless reasons, and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else, but my favorite thing is the cloudy weather and green forests everywhere. I can be a little eccentric with my clothing style which makes me pretty easy to spot, so if you see me around feel free to say hi. I’m looking forward to meeting all the people who are new to Western this year, as well as progressing further in my major. I hope all of you enjoy Western as much as I do!

Meysam Adibzadeh

Meysam Adibzadeh photo

Hi everyone! I am a freshman here at Western and I'm going to major in biology and go to medical school after getting my degree in biology. My long term goal is to become an orthopedic surgeon or a rehab doctor. I'm originally Persian and I have lived in Turkey for three years. My hobbies include reading, drawing, listening and playing music (I'm a DJ), working out, and playing sports. Most likely I will be joining the indoor soccer at Western. My favorite things about Western are the small class sizes and being in a supportive and a friendly environment which makes leaning easier. I'm really friendly and outgoing. I'm looking forward to my first year at Western and a fantastic school year.

Meetings occur weekly on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. in the BT 3rd Floor Lounge.

Hall Council Board

VP of Activities
VP of Publicity
Communications Coordinator
Residence Hall Representative
Technology Representative
2nd Floor Representative
3rd Floor Representatives
4th Floor Representative
6th Floor Representative
7th Floor Representative
Bike Maintenance
  • Near BT Classic 111
Computer Labs
  • Buchanan Towers East 114: See ResTek for more information.
  • BT East 163: Contains a four-burner electric stove, full-size oven, full-size refrigerator, microwave, sink, and counter space.
  • BT East 363, 563: Contain a four-burner electric stove, microwave, sink, and counter space.
Laundry Rooms
  • BT Classic 219, 419, 719: Contain two washers and two dryers.
  • BT Classic 319, 519, 619, 819: Contain one washer, two dryers, and a sink.
  • BT East 161, 261, 361, 461, 561: Contain one washer and one dryer.
  • BT 124: Dining/TV Lounge
  • BT 124A: Seminar/TV Lounge
  • BT 350: Main/TV/Gaming Lounge
  • BT 353: Piano Lounge
  • BT 354: Quiet Lounge
  • BT East 263 & 463: Study Lounges
PoD Market
  • BT Classic 125
Resident Mailboxes
  • Near the front desk in BT Classic 116
Vending Machines
  • Near BT Classic 111

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