University Residences

University Residences

Temporary Housing Information, Fall 2017

Resident Adviser Temporary Roommate Information

We are pleased to welcome you to University Residences for the 2017-18 academic year.

Every year we open up fall quarter with some students placed in temporary room assignments. You are one of a group of students who will start the year in a temporary assignment with a Resident Adviser (RA). Your temporary assignment and roommate information is now posted at MyHousing.

As a temporary roommate, you will share a double room with an RA for the first several weeks of the quarter. The typical length of stay of is 6-8 weeks. As space emerges, you will move to your permanent housing assignment.

Your temporary assignment has the same amenities (bed, desk, wardrobe, etc.) that your permanent placement will have, as well as a knowledgeable, campus-savvy roommate! Data shows that students who begin their year as RA roommates have a strong, positive experience, and report high satisfaction with their temporary placements. We encourage you to contact your new RA roommate; they will be moving to campus for training soon, will be working on Move-In Day, and are excited to meet you!

All regular move-in schedules and Early Arrival options apply to RA roommates, but if you have questions, we are happy to answer them. Please contact us at 360.650.6565 or at

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