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Housing Appeal Petition

The University Residences Financial Appeals Board provides an avenue for students who disagree with the assessment of a housing charge against their account or experience contractual difficulties with the Office of University Residences. If you have an issue concerning your agreement, a situation above and beyond your control, a desire to break your agreement, or a disputed damage/cleaning charge, you may submit a Financial Appeal. Your appeal will be researched and corroborated with housing staff prior to going before the Board in order to establish that you have made a reasonable attempt to resolve your situation before submitting an appeal; the Board typically does not approve appeals where the petitioner has not looked for a resolution before entering the appeals process.

The Board is comprised of at least three students and two administrators who meet once a week while the University is in session. You may submit your appeal at any time, but it will not be heard during intersession. Each case is considered in order received, and the petitioner is notified of the Board's decision in writing.

During the appeal process, you should pay any balance owing on your WWU Student Account, even if it involves a charge you are appealing. Until an appeal is granted, the charge in question is subject to all applicable late fees and registration holds.

This petition must be filed within 30 days of the action under appeal.

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