Spring Closing

Checkout Deadline: 4 p.m. Friday June 15, 2018

Campus residents must be completely moved out by 4 p.m. on the last day of spring quarter. Step-by-step instructions for moving out will be distributed to students in early May. Communities are also spreading the word through floor meetings, posters and email. If you are registered for summer housing, you will receive special instructions in late May regarding intersession housing, room transfers and summer move-in. Students are strongly encouraged to communicate early in the process with parents, guardians or family members.

  • Make your plan now: Make a plan to vacate your room within 24 hours of your last final exam or by the checkout deadline, whichever is sooner. Unless you are registered for summer housing or you are doing commencement ceremonies, you must be officially checked out by the deadline—no exceptions. Failure to check out by the deadline will result in an improper checkout fee and other avoidable charges. If you need to stay late for commencement, you must contact your resident director in advance for permission to stay until noon on Saturday.
  • Start packing soon: Do not wait until finals week to start packing and cleaning! Start early, pack and clean a little each day, and check out after your last final.
  • Take some stuff home on Memorial Day weekend: By spring quarter, many students have accumulated more stuff than they can pack up in a day and fit into a single carload. If you are heading home for Memorial Day weekend, we highly recommend taking some stuff home.
  • Arrange your own storage: Western does not offer student storage. If you are from out-of-state or you have a lot of stuff, you may want to arrange for personal storage.
  • Responsibly dispose of your trash and recyclables, and donate your unwanted items: Throughout the last two weeks of spring quarter, every community has a designated collection area for students to donate reusable clothing, technology, toiletries, etc. Donations are processed by the AS Recycle Center and donated to charity. Please note: anything you leave behind will be considered abandoned property, removed at your expense, retained for 30 days and then destroyed or donated to charity.
  • Avoid waiting until the deadline to checkout out: Please note that students checking out on Thursday and Friday of finals week may experience long lines. If your last final is Tuesday, we recommend you check out by Wednesday if transportation allows.
  • Load your own stuff: Unlike fall move-in weekend, spring move-out is not facilitated by a volunteer corps student movers. This means you will need to load your own things to the car, or partner with friends and family members who can help.