Housing Renewal

How does COVID-19 affect renewal?

Find out more by visiting our Fall 2020 Housing FAQ page.

Current campus residents wanting on-campus housing for next year must go through the housing renewal process. (See Four Renewal Stages below).

If you are not a current on-campus resident, visit our Housing Timeline for information on how to apply.

Late Renewal Applications

The priority renewal application deadline has passed.

All applications received after the deadline will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist. 

Renewal Application

Renewal Stages

1. Apply and Create Roommate Groups: February 1-15

Apply online anytime during the renewal application period of February 1-15. The application includes selecting a meal plan, completing a roommate profile, creating an optional roommate group and accepting the Housing Agreement. All on-time applications are entered into the lottery draw. Late applications are placed on hold pending space availability. Renewal applicants do not need to pay another housing security deposit; your current housing deposit serves as your renewal deposit.

Renewal Application and Roommate Selection Deadline: Feb. 15

2. Lottery Draw: February 19

1,200 applicants are randomly drawn for the eligible pool, and the remaining applicants are randomly ordered for the waitlist. As cancellations occur in the eligible pool, waitlisted applicants move up the queue into eligible status.

Please note: we anticipate fast movement of the waitlist this year, with everyone being offered space before the end of spring quarter.

3. Room Selection: February 25 - April 15

Pick your own room and pull in your confirmed roommate for next year using our online room-selection system. Following the lottery draw, eligible applicants are assigned a room-selection time (just like when you register for classes) based on your original housing priority date. Each phase has times assigned in 15-minute increments starting at 9 a.m. February 25. Room Selection closes April 15. Your specific time will be posted in MyHousing on February 19. Once you submit your room selection, you confirm your housing for next year.

Please note: Room Selection Priority is given to residents who create roommate groups.

  • Phase A: February 25 (Roommate Groups of 3+)
  • Phase B: February 26 - March 2 (Roommate Pairs)
  • Phase C: March 3- April 15 (Free Selection)


Renewal Redo Timeline


1. Create an Optional Roommate Group: June 30 - July 7

Housing has disbanded all current roommate groups. All Renewers who want to live with someone they know, must create a new group before noon on July 7.

Please note: Roommate Groups can only be created in sizes of two or four.

2. Room Selection Redo Time Posts on Friday, July 10 at 5 p.m.

Check your housing portal for your room selection time on Friday, July 10.

3. Room Selection Redo July 13 - July 20

Once your room selection time opens, you can select and change your room until Monday, July 20 at noon. 

Questions about Renewal Redo?

Contact Liam Cary-Eaves at caryeal@wwu.edu.


We have eliminated the June 15 cancellation fee.

If you would like to cancel your Renewal, email Housing@wwu.edu. Your renewal application and room choice will be cancelled, and your $200 Housing Security Deposit will be refunded.

Please note: Cancellations received after:

  • August 15 result in a $600 Renewal Cancellation fee


Housing renewal is reserved for current campus residents with matriculated student status. Renewers must maintain their renewal eligibility for the remainder of the current academic year. If you do not fulfill the terms of the Housing Agreement, your housing renewal for 2020-21 will be cancelled.

Note: current residents doing a study abroad or internship for spring quarter 2020 may be eligible for housing renewal. Contact University Housing for more information.

Those who are not eligible for housing renewal include:

  • New incoming freshmen and transfers for fall 2020.
  • Current residents who have not been granted formal admission to Western.
  • Current residents attending other colleges.
  • Students currently living off campus.

Room and Board Rates

For 2019-20 room and board costs, refer to the rates for the current year. Please note that meal plans are required in residence halls and optional in Birnam Wood Apartments.

Not sure where you want to live?

Check out our showrooms to get a feel for the different communities on campus.

Plan Ahead

Pick Your Room

Before your assigned room-selection time, you may want to review housing options and explore the buildings.

Be aware of other factors that may impact your room selection:

  • High-demand buildings are typically Birnam Wood, Buchanan Towers and BT East.
  • Single rooms are scarce and do not exist in Birnam Wood. Half of the 80 singles on campus are reserved for disability accommodation.
  • About 10 percent of rooms are withheld from the room-selection process to reserve space for live-in staff and disability accommodation for students.
  • University Residences reserves the right to consolidate partially populated suites or apartments to equalize gender availability and make space for roommates and suitemates.
  • Special program communities can only be selected by students approved to participate in those programs:
    • Pride Housing: An LGBTQ+ Living Learning Community (formerly known as Gender Inclusive Housing) in Buchanan Towers.
    • Edens Hall is reserved for students enrolled in the Honors Program. Non-Honors roommate requests will be waitlisted until Sept. 1.
  • Housing Interest Areas are rooms designed as Substance Free. Look for these room types in room selection.
  • During room-selection you get to choose the room you want, and if you have a confirmed roommate, you will pull them into the room.


Look for or substance-free room types in room selection if you want to live in these communities.

Tour the Buildings

Showrooms are open  most Fridays from 3-5 p.m. Ten resident hosted showrooms will be open for viewing to give you a closer look at Western's wide array of living facilities. This is your chance to compare halls, explore various floor plans and talk to students who live in that community.

How Do I Create a Roommate Group?

To create a fall 2020 roommate group, Renewers must do the following between Feb. 1 - 15:

  1. Both you and your roommate(s) must apply for housing in order to use roommate request
  2. One of you will be the group leader - meaning you will create the group, give the group a name and choose a password
  3. You will need to contact your roommate(s) and share the group name and password with them so they can log in to the portal and join your group to confirm the group
  4. You must request and have your roommate(s) confirm your group by Feb. 15
  5. Once confirmed, your MyHousing Dashboard should reflect your roommate group status

Requesting a Roommate that Currently Lives Off Campus

It is not likely the two of you could be roommates on campus next year. Unlike new students (who are guaranteed housing), current off-campus students wanting on-campus housing for next year are considered on a space-available basis in August or September. Since off-campus students are not eligible for renewal, you cannot add them to your room.

Disability Accommodation

Renewers with current accommodation must contact Disability Access Center for Students before March 1 each year they plan to renew. Many rooms are withheld from the room selection process to reserve them for disability accommodation.

If you have a need that requires one of these rooms, contact us for room-selection assistance at 360-650-6565 or Housing@wwu.edu.


Off-Campus Living

If you are thinking of moving off campus, Western’s Off-Campus Living provides an up-to-date hub of rental resources and useful advice as a guide for safe and responsible living.